When will I see images from my session?

  • Typically all seniors will leave their session with a book of preview images and an appointment to come back to place an order.


May I bring a parent with me?

  • Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have an adult present.


What are your studio hours?

  • Our portrait days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If one of these days isn’t an option for you, please call us and we can make other arrangements. All visits to our studio are by appointment only. Please call first. We want to give you our full attention.


May I bring props to your studio?

  • Yes, you may bring props. They personalize your portraits. It's all about you!


How much will it cost?

  • All sessions are paid for in advance. Additionally, a $75 deposit is required on the day of the session to take the book of preview images out of the studio. You determine how much you want to purchase. We hold to a "No Package" policy and do not expect your purchasing needs to meet any predetermined packages. You order exactly what you need with no minimum purchase required.


What do I do next?


(All sessions are paid for in advance.)

814-952-4576 or 724-286-3127