*** Senior portrait makeup day is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27th.  Those of you who missed the summer session will be notified of your session time. ***

Yearbook Session at the High School

  • Be photographed at the high school only. 

  • Session consisting of 4 to 5 head and shoulder poses on a traditional background.

  • Appropriate yearbook dress is required. 

  • Sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, August 8th and Wednesday, August 9th in alphabetical order. 

  • If you will be unavailable, it is your responsibility to call the studio to make other arrangements. 

  • Seniors will receive “proofs” and ordering information. You will make a pose selection and return the proof selection form to our studio by the specified date.

  • A makeup date will be scheduled after school starts in the fall.

The yearbook session is provided Free of charge.  We will provided a proof sheet so that you can take home and choose which image you would like us to submit to the yearbook staff. 

FAQ's for Yearbook Sessions

Can anyone take my yearbook portrait?

  • No, your yearbook portrait must be taken by our studio. In order to maintain consistency with lighting and background, MCHS and the yearbook staff selects a photographer to photograph yearbook portraits.


Do I need to call and schedule an appointment at the high school?

  • You do not have to call to schedule an appointment at the high school. Your appointment time is on the enclosed letter and appointment card.


Why do my portraits need to be taken in the summer?

  • You need to be photographed in the summer months because of yearbook publishing deadlines.


What if I can’t make it on the scheduled days at the high school?

  • We understand that summer is a busy time for vacations. If you can’t make your scheduled time, it is your responsibility to call us and let us know.
  • We will have a makeup day at the high school in the fall. However, sessions are not as thorough.


Can I go to another photographer for my personal portraits?

  • You may go to any photographer for your personal photographs.
  • We would love the opportunity to work with you, but you are not obligated to come to us for your personal photographs.


What if I decide later that I want to have a more elaborate session at your studio?

  • We get asked this all the time. If you come to the high school for your yearbook portrait, you still have the option to come to us for a more elaborate session.